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10 October 2015, in Events | 2 comments »

Next month I’ll be speaking at View Source Conference. I’ve never visited Portland, or spoken at a Mozilla event for that matter, so when I was invited I jumped at the opportunity, and I can’t wait!

My session will be focused on how to go about planning and working on a responsive retroffiting project when you’re super busy and can’t start from scratch. This was a big challenge for us when we decided to convert the fixed-width into a mobile-first, responsive site, so my hope is that some of the things we learned in the process, the hard way, can be useful to other teams going through the same job.

If you’re interested in attending the event, you can grab a ticket now. And bring your questions along, I’d love to discuss this topic with other people, get some insights into how other teams work and learn a few things myself.

My husband and son are coming along, so we’ll have a few days before the conference to explore the city — any recommendations on where to go, stuff to do, where to eat, where to drink, coffee shops, weather, etc., would be greatly appreciated. We’re thinking of renting a cargo bike for a couple of days, so we’ll be relatively mobile…

It’s also our first time in the US for Halloween — although it’s not my favourite holiday, it’s going to be exciting. We have a toddler we can dress up as we please, so any costume ideas would be most welcome.

Edward Scissorhands scars by mgibson3. This is not my son

  • Welcome to the Pacific NW! I’m sure you’ll love Portland. If you’re biking, you’ll probably find the SE quadrant most appealing: fairly flat, lots of interesting neighbourhoods. Hawthorne and Belmont (fairly close together) are worth checking out.

    Portland is known for both beer and coffee. If you like coffee, I highly recommend Rimsky Korsakoffee, which is very charming as well as having the coolest name on the planet:

    Weather is mild and unpredictable: not that different from the UK. Hallowe’en is very big here, so if junior is into it (trick or treating, etc.) he’ll have a great time.

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Inayaili de León Persson

      Excellent, thank you very much! :)