Project 52, or why I need a helping hand

6 January 2010, in Miscellaneous, Project 52 | 14 comments »

Sometimes you do things out of an impulse, and only think of the consequences later. That’s what happened when I signed up/pledged/signed my life away/subscribed to Project 52 (#p52) — only a few days later, looking at my already crammed writing schedule, I realised it wasn’t going to be easy.

Ah well!

But I’m no quitter, so this is where you come in. I often get emails from readers of this blog asking for help or more details on a particular subject — I would be absolutely thrilled if you kept them coming: ask me anything you want (as long as it relates to the subject of this blog), big or small, simple or complex, and I’ll try and answer it in a post, with full credit to you.

By doing this I’ll know that, at least in some instances, I’ll be helping out someone for sure. I’ll also continue posting other articles that I have lined up, of course.

Shoot me an email or just leave a comment on this post.

P52’s first week

Since I’m not adding any useful content with this post, here’s a short list of worth reading Project 52 first posts by other participants:

Have you written anything yet?

And to the all seeing P52 eye: this post counts, alright?

  • I’ve just taken the jump and signed up! I always find that an external influence is good at helping me do things I sometimes end up putting off, and I’m usually putting off writing blog posts on a regular basis.

    Plus, I already have my article for this week in the bag :) Let’s see if we can keep it up.

    • Duh, I knew I was forgetting someone ;)

  • I was actually wondering if anyone was going to catelogue the best in a round-up ;)

    In all seriousness though, doing a weekly round-up could be a good idea and something for the #p52 guys to consider.

  • Interesting idea, I’ve just signed up too.

  • Here is my question.

    Would you write a guest post on Design Informer?

    Haha, that was a funny one.

    But seriously, after one learns XHTML/CSS, what would you suggest for them to learn next? PHP, Javascript, etc.?

    I’m trying to think of more questions but I can’t think of any at the moment.

  • I’ve signed up too. I’ve got half a dozen half written blog posts and one of my goals for this year is to write more so I like this idea!

  • How about some recommendations for useful books on CSS & HTML?

    After frightening myself with the sheer amount of books out there while browsing on Amazon, it would be good to have the opinion of someone who’s work I admire.


  • I don’t think I could face the challenge of writing 52 blog posts in a year. I think I lack the organizational skills to commit to something like this. But it’s good to know that you’re doing it!

    As a suggestion, I am always curious to know the design process of the designers I follow. So maybe it would be interesting to have a post about what’s your approach when starting a new project.

    That’s it and good luck on your #p52!

  • Excellent, thanks for the round up Yaili. Need to get jotting some ideas for posts down myself.

  • Hmm great idea. I don’t think I can quite manage a decent blog post every week with all my other commitments though. Is there a project 26 I can sign up for?!

  • Cheers for the mention. I’m quite looking forward to getting more content up on my site and Project52 has provided the ideal external motivation to do so. I’m going to try and go for a mix of semi-tutorial type posts and more discussion based ones so hopefully it won’t be too specifically techie!

    Not only is it spurring on content production it’s also ‘forcing’ me to get more functionality up on my site so for me its a double win.

    Now to think up something to get you to write about…

  • I’m on Project 104 as I’m blogging twice a week. Project 52 is for whimps! :)

    Seriously though, it’s great to see so many great people such as yourself commit to a post a week as it means consistently great content to read throughout the year.

    • Twice a week? You’ve got to tell me your secret — as much as I try, it always takes me a while to write and review a post. Rants are usually the quickest ones to write though.

      I honestly hope I can live to your expectations :)

      • Believe me, I deliberate more than anyone before hitting that big scary publish button.

        I don’t have any secrets other than just setting aside some time to get it done during the week. It works once you get into a routine.