A Definition List: Belgian Beer Types

Amber ales
These are beers similar to the traditional pale ales of England, although somewhat less bitterly hopped. A notable example is the 5% abv De Koninck brand, with its distinctive spherical glasses (called 'bollekes').
Blonde or golden ale
These are a light variation on pale ale, often made with pilsener malt. Some beer writers regard blonde and golden ales as distinct styles, while others do not.
Brown Ale
Regular bruin or brune beers such as Grottenbier are darker than amber ales, less sour than Flemish brown ale, and less strong than dubbel.
Dubbel has a characteristic brown color. It is one of the classic Abbey/Trappist types, having been developed in the 19th century at the Trappist monastery in Westmalle.
This beer is the basic recipe for what was traditionally a range of three beers of increasing alcohol content.
Flemish Red
Typified by Rodenbach, the eponymous brand that started this type over a century ago, this beer's distinguishing features from a technical viewpoint are a specially roasted malt, fermentation by a mixture of several 'ordinary' top-fermenting yeasts and a lactobacillus culture and maturation in oak.

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