Favourite website designs: Ecoki

For my second Favourite Website Design article, I picked Ecoki, an eco-lifestyle community website. I like how the design feels really warm and integrated, and the attention that the designers payed to detail.

Ecoki, The Eco-Lifestyle Community

Ecoki, The Eco-Lifestyle Community

As I said, my favourite aspect of this website is the warmth of the whole theme, and how that feeling comes across in all the different details that appear throughout the pages. I really like how they managed to create a very clean and simple design, but at the same time, add little bits and pieces so that it doesn’t feel cold.

What I love

  1. The clean and clear navigation, and search areas: the links and the search box are where people would expect them to be, you can’t go wrong with that.
    Clear navigation and search box
  2. The small details that add to the warmth.
  3. The clear hierarchy of the type.
    Clear type
  4. How the ads are integrated with the theme.
    Integrated ads
  5. The useful breadcrumbs that point to where the user is on the site.
    Useful breadcrumbs
  6. The use of icons, but not exaggerated.
    Use of icons
  7. The way the information of an article is displayed at the top.
    Article details

What I would change

  1. The title of the featured article looks like the caption of the photo: it took me a few seconds to realize where I had to click to go to that post.
    Where is the title?
  2. The footer looks disappointing. I understand that the actual footer is what comes before the Friends & Recommendations links, but that is the final part of the website and it doesn’t look like a powerful ending.
    Disappoiting footer
  3. The Friends & Recommendation links aren’t very clear—where will I go if I click here? (I only know if I hover over the link long enough to see the alt tag description.)
  4. The way that tags are displayed is not consistent:
    Unconsistent tags


Although I pointed some things that I think could be improved on this website, I think these are minor issues and it’s really a great design: it’s engaging, easy to navigate, fun and familiar.

Do you agree? What is your favourite website design today?