Podcasts I like

A few months ago, while I was still on maternity leave, I asked on Twitter for podcast recommendations. My son was getting more and more mobile, and we were going out more, so watching everything there was on Netflix while he napped on me was no longer possible, and the only podcast I was following…… Continue reading Podcasts I like

Favourite website designs: GOOD

For this new installment of my Favourite Website Designs I picked GOOD, an online magazine that basically gives all their subscription money away to organizations. On a single website you have: good content, good design and a good cause, which makes the name pretty well chosen. GOOD An online magazine should be all about the…… Continue reading Favourite website designs: GOOD

Web design inspiration

I recently created a set on Flickr — Flickr Design Inspiration set — where I post web designs that I like and that I find inspiring, be it because of their overall look or some particular detail. Flickr as a source of inspiration On one of my recent posts, 25+ Unusual Flickr Groups For Inspiration,…… Continue reading Web design inspiration

Favourite website designs: Ecoki

For my second Favourite Website Design article, I picked Ecoki, an eco-lifestyle community website. I like how the design feels really warm and integrated, and the attention that the designers payed to detail. Ecoki, The Eco-Lifestyle Community As I said, my favourite aspect of this website is the warmth of the whole theme, and how…… Continue reading Favourite website designs: Ecoki