Favourite website designs: Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Everyday I probably come across 50+ different websites that I only visit because of their beautiful designs.

I thought it could be a good idea to make a special mention of the ones that strike me the most, so here’s the first one.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

This may not be the most original website you’ve seen, but I chose it mainly because of its simplicity. When everybody is trying to move from the (supposedly) Web2.0 look to a more naturalistic trend, this website captures exactly the opposite and gives us a clean and uncluttered design to look at.

What I love:

  1. The hierarchy of the elements. You know what’s a title, what’s a subtitle and what’s the main text in just a glimpse.
    Good hierarchy
  2. It’s beautiful, clean, simple and pure: like religion should be.
    Clean design
  3. The powerful imagery: am I the only one that thinks these images of Jesus Christ are a bit frightening?
    Powerful imagery
  4. The fact that there are almost no decorative elements but you don’t feel the need for them.
    No decorative elements
  5. The type in the text pages: I just love the big lead, the indentation of the paragraphs and I’m a sucker for drop caps.
    Drop caps :)

What I would change

  1. Some details that just don’t seem right, like the padding in the links.
    Strange padding
  2. The jump in the text on hover, there should be a rule against this.
    Annoying hovers


As I said previously, what I love on this website is its simplicity and how they were able to combine a simple but effective hierarchy with a good use of imagery. I’d like to see more websites that can make this type of design work, and with even better results.