Be ready to accept design system help

A cross-team design system can only flourish if people from outside the systems team are properly equipped to participate and contribute to the system. These contributions can take different formats: suggestions, feedback, bug reports, proposals for new components, etc. — and you should be ready for them as soon as you kickstart your design system.…… Continue reading Be ready to accept design system help

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Designer interview tests: should designers write?

Knowing whether a candidate is right for a role isn’t straight forward. Jobs are different, teams work differently, and assessing someone’s ability to adapt to a different set of circumstances can feel like an impossible task. I’m not particularly fond of design exercises. They can easily feel like spec work, especially when the recruiter’s expectations…… Continue reading Designer interview tests: should designers write?

What’s in a name?

As I consider a move away from having my blog separate from my namesake domain, something dawned on me: my blog is called Web Designer Notebook, but is that name still accurate? How many of us still call ourselves web designers? Recently I advised a friend looking for a new job to not only search…… Continue reading What’s in a name?

Architect’s myopia

Before I get to my main point, I must mention (once again) the phenomenal quality of the hand-picked articles that are featured on the Give Me Something To Read website, the source of the piece I will be referring to in the following lines. The article “The Architect Has No Clothes”, by Michael Mehaffy and…… Continue reading Architect’s myopia