Podcasts I like

A few months ago, while I was still on maternity leave, I asked on Twitter for podcast recommendations. My son was getting more and more mobile, and we were going out more, so watching everything there was on Netflix while he napped on me was no longer possible, and the only podcast I was following…… Continue reading Podcasts I like

Architect’s myopia

Before I get to my main point, I must mention (once again) the phenomenal quality of the hand-picked articles that are featured on the Give Me Something To Read website, the source of the piece I will be referring to in the following lines. The article “The Architect Has No Clothes”, by Michael Mehaffy and…… Continue reading Architect’s myopia

Book Review: “CSS Mastery — 2nd Edition”

I’m frequently confronted with the question of “which CSS books would you recommend?” and CSS Mastery is always at the top of the list. Here’s the audio review I did for the Boagworld podcast. The audio Listen! Transcript If you’d rather read, here’s the transcript of the review: Hi, my name is Yaili and I’ll…… Continue reading Book Review: “CSS Mastery — 2nd Edition”