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My notes on Rachel Andrew’s “The New CSS Layout”

9 October 2018, in CSS, Resources, Reviews | Add a comment »

“The New CSS Layout” was released when I was about to embark on the challenge of refactoring an old site to be responsive and have grid support and support for old browsers. Yikes! I wasn’t looking forward to the faff that I assumed this kind of challenge involved, so I was more than pleased to have a book to guide me.

By the time I read the book in preparation for my adventure, I had already watched all of Rachel’s video tutorials, and I still found the book filled in gaps in my knowledge. Maybe it’s because I read books more carefully than watch videos or read blog posts but I recommend it to anyone who’s starting to work with grid (which, by now, should be all of us).

I like that the book starts with a brief trip down memory lane, helping to contextualise and explain how CSS layout was achieved previously to the advent of grid and flexbox.

I found the chapter which delves deeper into the subject of old browser support (“Chapter 7: Embrace the future”) particularly useful for my task at hand. I still can’t believe how painless it was to add basic support with only a few lines of CSS.

Just like other A Book Apart publications, “The New CSS Layout” does an excellent job at taking you from newbie to confident at its subject. The book won’t turn you automatically into a pro at CSS Grid Layout, which, as you may have guessed, only practice, trial and error, many times over will.

I only fairly recently started using grid in production and client work and am completely converted. And this wouldn’t have been possible without Rachel Andrew’s relentless publishing of resources on the subject.

These days, when creating CSS layouts, I keep 3 tabs open at all times:

And “The New CSS Layout” gave me the foundational knowledge that I needed to get started with grid more confidently. Thank you, Rachel. ????????

Podcasts I like

10 November 2015, in Inspiration, Life, Resources, Reviews | Add a comment »

A few months ago, while I was still on maternity leave, I asked on Twitter for podcast recommendations. My son was getting more and more mobile, and we were going out more, so watching everything there was on Netflix while he napped on me was no longer possible, and the only podcast I was following was about being a parent, so I needed some ideas.


Architect’s myopia

22 January 2012, in Design, Resources | 2 comments »

Before I get to my main point, I must mention (once again) the phenomenal quality of the hand-picked articles that are featured on the Give Me Something To Read website, the source of the piece I will be referring to in the following lines.

The article “The Architect Has No Clothes“, by Michael Mehaffy and Nikos A. Salingaros, explores why modern architecture feels so cold and inhospitable and how that might be easily explained by a phenomenon called “architectural myopia”. The authors describe how this consequence likely has its causes in how architecture is taught and how the methodologies used in the classroom deprive future architectures from any empathy with those who will in the future live and use their creations.

It’s not my goal to provide a summary, as the article does a much better job at explaining this fascinating theory. But I started thinking about whether it would be fair to conclude us web designers might sometimes suffer from a similar malady. I also found it interesting that this profession I hear mentioned so many times as so established and as the ideal model to follow is, like our own, still finding its own ways.

The Pastry Box Project

22 January 2012, in Inspiration, Miscellaneous, Rants, Resources | 1 comment »

I wanted to call your attention to The Pastry Box Project, which started this year on 1st January, and aims at collecting thoughts from 30 individuals that are “influential in their field”, one thought per day — I can say I’m happy to have been asked to participate (and do visit my thought’s page).

After a restless start to the year, I finally had time and head to sit down and read through the first few weeks of thoughts. Some are longer than others, but invariably there is something alluring about diving in so quickly and for such brief a moment into someone else’s mind.

Book Review: “CSS Mastery — 2nd Edition”

24 January 2010, in CSS, Project 52, Resources, Reviews | 3 comments »

I’m frequently confronted with the question of “which CSS books would you recommend?” and CSS Mastery is always at the top of the list. Here’s the audio review I did for the Boagworld podcast.


90 beautiful, useful and free icon sets

7 July 2009, in Resources | 9 comments »

Following the previous 20 Gorgeous Icon Sets That You Have To Pay For, here is a massive list of my favourite icon sets that are available for free download.


20 gorgeous icon sets that you have to pay for

6 July 2009, in Resources | 8 comments »

Who needs another list of icons, specially when they aren’t free? I would say every web designer does, specially when the icons are as gorgeous and useful as the ones on this list!