Web design inspiration

I recently created a set on Flickr — Flickr Design Inspiration set — where I post web designs that I like and that I find inspiring, be it because of their overall look or some particular detail.

Flickr as a source of inspiration

On one of my recent posts, 25+ Unusual Flickr Groups For Inspiration, I mentioned how Flickr can be a powerful source of inspiration, specially for non-web related content.

I’m a strong believer that we shouldn’t rely merely on web galleries and books when we are looking for something inspiring, but sometimes we may need to see how other designers solved particular problems, or we’re just in the mood to look at beautiful sites in order to get in the zone.

These are some other Flickr sets and collections that I enjoy following and browsing in these situations:

[Design Solutions]

[Design Solutions] Collection

Web Design Inspiration

Web Design Inspiration Set

Design Patterns

Design Patterns Collection

Beyond Flickr

There are some other websites that I also like to visit and are useful for web-related inspiration:

Pattern Tap Collections

Pattern Tap

CSS Remix

CSS Remix

Design Bombs

Design Bombs

Unmatched Style




Design Meltdown

Design Meltdown

Where do you go for web design inspiration?

Update: Smashing Magazine just published an article on this topic (note to self: don’t schedule articles, just publish them once they’re finished)! It has a very good and comprehensive list of resources, you should check it out.