20 gorgeous icon sets that you have to pay for

Who needs another list of icons, specially when they aren’t free? I would say every web designer does, specially when the icons are as gorgeous and useful as the ones on this list!

About paid icon sets

I have to confess: I am a bit of an icon-nut. If I had loads of money, I’d buy icons everyday. And those who know me are aware that I often incorporate icons in my concepts.

We all know the ideal situation would be to have time and budget to create an icon set for every project that needs it, but that rarely happens and the second option is usually to purchase stock icons, some more expensive than others. Regardless of their price, in the end they are always cheaper than developing the icon sets yourself.

These are 20 of my favourite sets. You can look at the more expensive sets as any other premium purchase: you want that extra special touch, and you’ll know you won’t see the same icons everywhere (or at least as often).

So here are some of the most beautiful icons out there:

1. IconDrawer’s Classic Icons – $150

2. Chalkwork Collection – $199

It’s worth mentioning that some smaller sets that are part of this collection are free.

3. Satin Icons – from $10

4. Aquality Base Kit – $199

5. Cardboard series – from $10

6. Horizon – $349

7. Ideal Icon Set – from $28

8. Personal finance and Lost and found icons – from $10

9. Color series – from $10

10. Blue Sky Financial Icons – $179

11. Angular Stock Icons – $249

12. Blockie Vector Set – $50

13. Iso series – from $10

14. Silver Series – from $10

15. Shiny icons – from $10

16. Minimal series – from $10

17. Oslo – $299

18. Tower Grove – $299

19. Kyoto – $299

20. Glossy Basic and Glossy Bonus – $98

What next?

What are your favourite icon sets?

On my next article, I’ll compile a big list of free (or cheaper) icon sets. Watch this space!