90 beautiful, useful and free icon sets

Following the previous 20 Gorgeous Icon Sets That You Have To Pay For, here is a massive list of my favourite icon sets that are available for free download.

One can never have enough free icons

Paid premium icons are usually gorgeous, but we can never say enough to a free and beautiful icon set, can we?

There is a possibility that I spend too much time searching for the perfect icon, so I gathered all my links and made this list of my favourite icon sets to share with you.

Beware that when using some of these icons you have to credit the designer somehow. Also, some of these icons can only be used on non-commercial projects, so be sure to read the terms of use.

General icons

These icons sets have the usual suspects that we generally use for everyday projects: warning icons, delete icons, save icons, etc.

1. Mini Pixel icons

2. 512 Pixel LED Icon Set

3. Pinvoke Fungue icons

4. Famfamfam Silk icons

5. Onebit free icon set

6. Onebit free icon set #2

7. BacktoPixel

8. Free web development icons (4 sets)

9. Vaga

10. Flavour Extended

11. Basic set

12. Milky

13. Quartz Icon Set

14. Sticker Icons

15. Flag icons

Desktop and Apps

These icons were made to replace desktop application icons or to use on your desktop.

16. Quicktime X

17. Marfil Tweetie icon

18. Fif7y icon sets – Safari, iLife, Adobe Suite, Mail, Dashboard

19. Ambit Designs – Safari, iChat, NetNewsWire, Hulu

20. uTorrent

21. Finder

22. Jonas Rask – Joost, iPhone, Newsfire, iTunes, Preview, Safari, Hulu, Tweetie

23. Cushion Set (Adobe Suite)

24. iConPack – Firefox, Adobe Suite

25. The Simpsons Mail Icons

26. Finder Swirl

27. You’ve Got Mail

28. Flamefox

29. Adobe Create Suite

30. Browsers

31. CS4 Creative Building Blocks

32. Wooden Finder

33. MobileMe & Cloud icon

34. Lightroom+Aperture Icon

35. Transmit3

36. Panic apps

Twitter icons

Twitter has ruined every bird icon for us: whenever we see a bird now, we immediately associate with Twitter (or maybe it’s just me). Twitter icons are becoming a very popular thing to make and they are usually very pretty ones.

37. Twitter Block Icons

38. Birdies

39. TwitterJoy icons

40. 40 Sweet & Unique Twitter Graphics

41. Twitter Bird

42. Birdie

43. Twitter Bird Icons & Illustration

44. Free Twitter Icon Set

45. Cute Tweeters Icon Set

46. Twitter Icon Set

Social media icons

Happens to me all the time: I’m looking for a social media icon set with all the icons I need, but I never seem to find the perfect one, so I end up having to mix and mach different sets. Here are some of the best social media icon sets.

47. Social Media Mini Icon Pack

48. Page Peel

49. Handycons 2

50. Social Media Icons Pack

51. Heart

52. The Leaves Fall

53. Cheers

54. Web 2.0 Social Bookmarks icons

55. Extended set of social icons

56. Web 2.0

57. Social boutons

58. Web 2.0rigami

59. Social.me

60. Web 2.0 Services Icon Package

61. Free Vectors Icons

62. Website Icons Vol.1

63. Social Bookmark Iconset: Part II

Cute icons

These icons may not be as useful as the others on this list, but the truth is they are so cute that we must have them.

64. WALL-E Icons

65. Maneki Neko

66. Retro Toys

67. Feed Me Animals

68. Smashing Royal Icon Set

69. From Russia with Love

70. 2001: A Space Odyssey

71. Zoom-eyed creatures

72. Cute Vehicle

73. Daft Punk Icons

74. Futuristica Icons

75. Real Apple

76. Transformer Icons

77. Tasty icons

78. Classic Cameras

79. Kung Fu Panda

80. Pirates Icon Set

81. Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

82. Geisha

83. StarWars Vehicles Archigraphs

84. Star Trek

85. Clones

86. Blob Emoticons

87. OldSchool Icon Set

88. Music icons

89. Starbucks coffee icons

90. I love “Blondes”

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