WordPress: how to display multiple values of a custom field key

25 March 2009, in WordPress | 53 comments »

In one of my recent adventures with WordPress I came across the need of having one or more custom fields values listed in one page. In my case, I wanted to list press quotes from theatre performances.

This is quite simple and useful, so I decided to write a quick post that may be useful to someone else.

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Book Review: “How To Be A Rockstar WordPress Designer”

31 January 2009, in Reviews | 8 comments »

In recent years, WordPress has become an increasingly popular blogging platform and full-blown CMS for company websites – a sure credit to its immense versatility. Although not impossible to master, some of us still haven’t had the opportunity to put some time aside to delve into it. This inspired me to write a short review for Rockable Press’s “Rockstar WordPress Designer”. Here’s my quick capsule review:

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A tidier Internet Explorer stylesheet

31 January 2009, in CSS, HTML | 6 comments »

Until recently, I used to separate my IE only stylesheets as ie6.css and ie7.css (and sometimes even ie.css), but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how inefficient and long winded this process really is. It has made me realize that I could just as easily use IE CSS filters to my advantage, and merge these separate .css files into a singular Internet Explorer specific CSS file, which would be much more efficient in the long run.

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Adding style with CSS: a beautiful table

31 January 2009, in CSS, HTML | 17 comments »

I’ve always enjoyed styling tables. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to it and I just love the process of adding little bits of love and care to completely transform a dull and drab table into something fun, lively and pleasant to look at. This article will go into one of the diverse ways in which I style them and I hope it inspires you to make your own exciting tables.

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Adding style with CSS: a beautiful form

31 January 2009, in CSS, HTML | 32 comments »

Forms don’t have to be ugly and boring, and certainly don’t have to be inside tables to look nice and aligned.
In this post we’ll take look at how to style a beautiful form using the power of semantic HTML and CSS.

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How to start a CSS file

30 January 2009, in CSS | 5 comments »

If you’re just taking your first steps into learning CSS, the moment where you need to actually start writing some code may be a bit daunting. You’ll probably end up asking yourself:

  • Where do I start?
  • What should be the first thing on my stylesheet?
  • How should I organize my code?
  • Are there any conventions?

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Beginner’s guide to margins and paddings

30 January 2009, in CSS | 22 comments »

At first they may look confusing – especially for a beginner web designer, or for someone from the old school (tables!), but margins and paddings are actually a simple part of CSS, and something easily controllable if we just follow some basic steps.

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