Favourite website designs: GOOD

23 June 2009, in Inspiration | 1 comment »

For this new installment of my Favourite Website Designs I picked GOOD, an online magazine that basically gives all their subscription money away to organizations. On a single website you have: good content, good design and a good cause, which makes the name pretty well chosen.

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Web design inspiration

19 June 2009, in Inspiration | 1 comment »

I recently created a set on Flickr — Flickr Design Inspiration set — where I post web designs that I like and that I find inspiring, be it because of their overall look or some particular detail.
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Styling a poem with advanced CSS selectors

15 June 2009, in CSS, HTML | 31 comments »

CSS3 selectors offer endless possibilities of targeting specific HTML elements without the need of extra markup (which was already possible with previous versions of CSS). This time, I’m going to style the popular nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” using advanced CSS selectors, all in less than 5 minutes!

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Favourite website designs: Ecoki

21 May 2009, in Inspiration | 4 comments »

For my second Favourite Website Design article, I picked Ecoki, an eco-lifestyle community website. I like how the design feels really warm and integrated, and the attention that the designers payed to detail.

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25+ unusual Flickr groups for inspiration

18 May 2009, in Inspiration | 1 comment »

It’s a good thing to look for inspiration outside of the usual online web design galleries and books—and it’s easier to be original this way. Here are some unusual Flickr groups to find inspiration.
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How to always enjoy a conference

4 May 2009, in Events | 19 comments »

I’ve recently been to my 3rd web conference: Future of Web Design, in London. You can’t say I’m a conference pro — I’ve never been to SXSW or something that big (or even workshops), but I think my experience may be helpful to those of you who’ve never attended a conference and are thinking of doing it in the future.

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An ode to border-radius

27 April 2009, in CSS | 36 comments »

Ah! Border-radius: web designer’s sweetheart and (sadly) the one that IE8 forgot, destroying many a web designer’s dreams. In this post I’m going to explain how it works, what are some of the cross-browser alternatives, and showcase some websites that took a step ahead and implemented it.
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Adding style with CSS: beautiful text

25 April 2009, in CSS, HTML | 4 comments »

This may seem like a no-brainer, but adding style to your HTML is not just about adding pretty backgrounds and borders. The foundation of a good looking site has to be, with a couple other things, the way text is set. So let’s see how, with just a few lines of very simple CSS, we can quickly make our type a bit more beautiful and easier to read.

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Favourite website designs: Jesus Christ, the Son of God

30 March 2009, in Inspiration | 5 comments »

Everyday I probably come across 50+ different websites that I only visit because of their beautiful designs.

I thought it could be a good idea to make a special mention of the ones that strike me the most, so here’s the first one.

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WordPress: how to display multiple values of a custom field key

25 March 2009, in WordPress | 43 comments »

In one of my recent adventures with WordPress I came across the need of having one or more custom fields values listed in one page. In my case, I wanted to list press quotes from theatre performances.

This is quite simple and useful, so I decided to write a quick post that may be useful to someone else.

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